Devexpress rowupdating example

Column Edit property and create a new editor (or choose an existing one).This property can be accessed from the column smart tag.

After it has been clicked the postback places that row in edit mode. At this point in time the above Edit Item Template is displayed with two Image Buttons within it. My problem lies in that the click on the Update Image Button posts back, but neither the Row Command nor Row Updating events get triggered.

I want to reload the page on aspxgridview_row updating event.

I tried response.redirect(""); but it shows /Response.

I have set the requisite attributes in the Grid View tag.

(Note, in the gridview the One strange thing that I've noticed that makes me think it's a View State problem is that if I change the Command Name of the Update button to "Edit" that postback event does get captured in the Row Command event...

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